Monday, June 24, 2013

Bathroom Update

You'd think by how long it's been between posts that the bathroom would be done. Nope. But, having said that, it looks a little more like a bathroom now.

Here's what it looked like after they put the walls up. Oh, the original plan was to leave the walls alone since they were in good shape. But, that changed when the plumber came. I got that, "I have to show you something," statement that always makes your stomach hurt. Turns out the plumbing that ran to the two showers was not right. The pipes were too small (1/2 inch) and they needed to find out where the 3/4 inch pipes stopped and tap into those and run the same size all the way up to the bathroom. The image that popped into my head was like something out of "The Money Pit" with holes the the walls up from the lower level.

Luckily, the pipes that they needed to tap into were only just behind where the toilet was on the other wall. So, after the plumber spent the whole day running new pipe we were missing half of a wall. The guys doing most of the work just decided it would be easier to tear them all out. So, while it costs more, at least we have new walls. That's good, right? I said RIGHT?

Anyway, they now have all the tile installed in the shower and on the floor, as well as new paint on the walls.

The tile isn't as brownish as this shows. Blame it on poor white balance. Of course, do you really care about the color of the tile in my bathroom? Weirdo. 

Tomorrow they come to measure for the vanity top and for the shower door. Soon, maybe I can stop having to walk downstairs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


stacey said...

Man, now I'm going to lay awake at night worrying about your bathroom tile color.

Nice going, Mike!

Mike said...

Stacey: I know it keeps you up at night. :)

Marilee Bueno @ 5th Generation Contracting said...

Additional and unexpected renovations are always a pain, but if it will all be for the good of your bathroom, then why not? You should thank your plumber for being honest about the condition of your bathroom. And I'm sure giving your bathroom some update turned out to be a good idea, right?

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