Saturday, April 3, 2010

This may not have been a good idea

I think I mentioned this the other day, but I'm running in a race tomorrow morning. Not that it is a big deal by itself, especially since the term 'race' is used very loosely when describing my abilities, but I'm finishing up my week of midnights today, so that means I'm up all night before the race. Yay? At least I have an excuse for not having a good time. I need to keep planning races around situations that give me a good excuse.

On top of this, somehow Jenn talked my brother into running with me. We've been trying to talk my brother into running in a race with use for at least two years. Finally we broke him and he's going to run. So, there is another reason why I need a good excuse to be slower than normal. They fact that I haven't run since the Shamrock Shuffle two weeks ago certainly isn't going to help me. It's supposed to be rainy in the morning too, another good excuse. Maybe I should just get my butt in gear and workout so I don't need excuses.

Actually, I was talking to Jenn about that the other night. I need some motivation to get my butt in gear. For some reason I'm stuck in winter sloth mode and can't get out of it. Yes, being on the midnight shift on the best weather week we've had in 6 months hasn't helped, but it's not really the reason. I'm just a big slacker, is the real reason. This winter was one of my worst for not doing anything and eating really, really (really!) bad stuff. I don't want to know how many M&M's I ate this winter, but I still haven't had any since Ash Wednesday! I'm quite proud of that. Sure, I've eaten some other candy, but the amount of candy I ate when not eating M&M's is dramatically less. Believe me. I got one big bag for my birthday that has been calling name from the back of the cabinet. It's voice is quite muffled, but when it is late at night I can hear it's voice.

So, yes, I'm going to start a New Year's resolution in April. Why not? Spring is springing, the flowers are thinking out blooming, so I need to start exercising. 

Ha! My brother just sent me a message saying he's still drinking. We are going to be in great shape tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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