Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Assignment #331: Cake v Pie

I know, I know, I've been bad with the weekend assignments lately. Well, actually, it's been the whole blog. These last couple of weeks have been busy, hopefully things will calm down soon. Probably not until sometime after next week.

Anyway, on with the assignment. Which do I prefer, cake or pie?

It's not contest in my mind. Cake! I don't mind pie, but I only really like apple pie. And even then I need to have it with ice cream to really enjoy it. Cinnamon ice cream if possible.

But, cake! There are so many good cakes, chocolate, devil's food, cake with chocolate frosting, ice cream cake! There are so many possibilities. There is only one cake I do not like -- lemon. Have you ever taken a big bite of a cake, thinking it's just a yellow cake and it turns out to be lemon? It's not a pleasant experience. It happened to me the first time as a kid. I didn't even know there was such a thing as lemon cake at the time. I mean, who wants a cake that tastes like lemon? Now when I see a cake is yellow I take a tiny bite first. Live and learn, as they say.

Oh, wait. I forgot about French silk pie. I like that. But still, I like more cake than pie. So, I'm keeping cake as my final answer.

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Carly said...

Hi Mike :)

I've missed you lately, but yes, busy happens. I know it well! :) I am a cake person as well! Black Forest cake is my very favorite, but I also love making Red Velvet cakes. They are so festive! :)

Good to see you this week hon!


Florinda said...

I made a comeback with the Weekend Assignment this week too, but mine's not posting till tomorrow. Who can resist dessert? :-D

Spoiler alert: my answer is pretty much the same as yours.

Anne said...

I like lemon cake, but understand your issue.

The first time I had Goldschlagger (sp?) I asked my boyfriend exactly what it was. He of it, and told me that it was peppermint. Of course, I about choked on the cinnamon. And I still can't drink it.

Stephen Watkins said...

I have to disagree, I think Lemon Cake is a perfectly fine type of cake!