Monday, September 27, 2010

My Fall TV Watching So Far

Hey, it's the New Fall TV Season. Time for great new shows and for all your old favorites to come back and keep you company as the weather changes. What am I watching? I'm so glad you asked.

First, let me start by saying we changed over to the DVR system on Comcast and got rid of the TiVos that we had in the house. This was a necessity due to the changes in the digital TV set up and the fact that we have an HD box from Comcast that we couldn't hook up directly to the TiVo. I will say this, the menu and set-ups on the Comcast box are terrible when compared to TiVo. Comcast, will you please roll out some TiVo service on your DVRs in Chicago? Thank you. Why do I mention this, well, we realized how many things we had set up to record years ago and forgot to reset. We missed recording all the NBC shows on Thursday night. I have no idea what happened on The Office. Was it good?

On to the shows. In the recurring category I'm watching House, The Office (when I catch up), The Mentalist, The Amazing Race (kind of), Castle (maybe) and Modern Family (always good). That's all I can remember right now. I thought the first House episode was a little boring, but The Mentalist was pretty good. Wasn't that a great review? But this post isn't really about returning shows it's about, The All New Super Awesome TV Shows That Are Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen! Or, that's what they want you to believe.

Let's start with Hawaii Five-O. While I remember the original version of the show by name, I can't remember if we actually watched it in our house when I was a kid. It's seems like something we would have watched, maybe by the time I would have been watching it my got tired of it. The show was on for twelve years so it is possible.

I did enjoy the new show. I wanted to check it out since it had Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica. Those were two of my favorite shows over the last few years so I had to give it a try. I will say I enjoyed it, but some things bugged me a little bit. I thought the two main guys were a little on the cliché side, but I didn't hold that against this show too much since it was the pilot. Maybe the writers and producers can lighten them up a little bit. While I think the mix of action was good, some was a little too unbelievable, but again, it's the first episode. We'll see how Hawaii Five-O develops, but I think it has a chance of being good. If only they will listen to me. (My email is on the "about me" page...)

I watched The Event today. Two things right of the bat on this one. 1) Let us get to know who the people are a little bit before you start flashbacking all over the place. 2) That was the best title for the show? I know you don't want to give anything away in the title, but come on. Does this mean we won't know what The Event is until the end of the series? Because you guys are going to piss some people off that way.

The show wasn't terrible, and the ending was interesting, but there was too much set up (and flashbacks) that we had to sit through to get to that. Those of you who watched The Event, if they took out all the flashbacks, would the show lose anything? I say no. I say it makes me want to come back and find out why that guy was on the plane. Or what was the deal with the weird, hippy travelers, or, most important, where the Hell did that plane go? See, it's good to leave some lingering questions in the audience's mind, but that questions shouldn't be, "What day is this now? Why is this so confusing?" Because if it is, you've lost your audience. Having said all this, I will keep watching a few more episodes to see where it goes.

Jenn checked out Mike and Maddy and said it was good. She also recorded some other show that I can't even remember. I think we made it to the first commercial break on that one. Always a good sign.

I think there are a few more I'm going to try out. But I'll leave that for another post. I hope you can wait!


Florinda said...

The only new show we've watched so far is Hawaii Five-0, and I pretty much agree with you on that one. But we just started with Modern Family (after it won the Emmy) so it's new to us - I think we'll like it, though.

Cookie said...

I liked Hawaii Five-0. I think it has a good balance between the violence and a sense of family that sort of makes the violence okay. Like last night when the boys had to go in and get Grace Park out of trouble. I also love that Grace Park's character can hold her own. I think that's really important. (Wasn't this show a little before our time the first time around?)

Castle and NCIS are boring me and we're only in week 2 of the new season.

And did you really think Comcast was going to be better or something? They suck. How did you forget that? :p

DC said...

I was roaming the nets and decided to swing by old blogs I haven't visited in what seems like forever. I can't say much on this post as I'm not much of a TV watcher. TV tends to be more of just background noise for me. That's why I don't have isn't worth paying for something I'll never watch.:)

Anyways, hope you and the family are doing well. It seems you've done a lot from the posts I was able to look at. Glad to see life is going good. Wishing you, Jen and the kids (and of course the dogs) the best. Take care.

Mike said...

Florinda: Now that we are a few episodes into it, I'm enjoying it more. They are slowly mellowing out the characters on Hawaii Five-0. Glad you likeModern Family.

Cookie: I didn't think Comcast would be better. I just hoped it wouldn't suck so bad. :)

DC: Hey! Good to see you around. We miss you on the Internet! :) Hope all is well with you as well.