Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just call me Pepe Le Pew

Last night I wanted to go to bed early. I was tired and just needed some rest due to a long week. Yes, I know it was only Wednesday, but I was still tired.

Before I went to bed I was taking some laundry out of the dryer so we all had some clean, dry clothes to wear for the day. About halfway into the removal process this terrible aroma wafted through the laundry room. I didn't know what it was at first, I thought maybe the dryer vent was burning. Then it hit me. Skunk! And one of the dogs was outside.

At this point I heard Quicny at the door and let him in, hoping he wasn't sprayed and the smell was just drifting through the neighborhood on the 40MPH winds. He charged in and I knew something was wrong right away. He was shaking his head and his eyes were bothering him. The freakin' skunk got him. I was not happy.

I let Jenn know what was going on so we could stop him from running through the house, but I didn't get to him before he rubbed his head on the couch. Thanks, Quincy!

At this point I thought it was a skunk, but it smelled weird. Not like I was expecting. Jenn was already on the Google search and found out that it can smell like burning plastic or rubber. That was it!

While Jenn looked up remedies I put him in the laundry room and put out the gate so he didn't rub the scent onto Cruise. We didn't need two dogs stinking up the joint. Jenn's search gave us some helpful tips; wipe the oils off first, then wash with baking soda and peroxide. We didn't have either in the house and it was almost 11pm at this point. She also read you can clean the affected area while making sure not to spread the oils on the rest of the body. So, after some very close sniffing of the dog, we determined he was hit in the face and on the bottom of the neck. At least I had one spot to focus my cleaning effort.

While I did that Jenn brought out every scented candle we have in the house and lit them up. This caused the house to smell like a skunk who was caught in a Christmas tree while a pumpkin pie was baking in a pit full of fall leaves. Interesting mix!

We got Quincy pretty clean and put him in his cage for the night and hoped for the best. He seemed okay this morning, not too stinky, and I'm planning on clearing Target's stock of Glade Plug-ins after I get out of work. I hope that helps the house.

Now I'm sitting here all paranoid I'm stinking up the office. I think I'm okay. The people around me aren't complaining (Yes, I warned them), but I still get a whiff of it once in a while. I think I got some of the stuff in my nasal cavity. That's the best explanation I can come up with. Believe me, the people around me would let me know if I smell. They wouldn't let something like that go without 600 jokes at my expense.

Next time I'm going to make the dog sleep outside.


Florinda said...

That stinks, seriously. (And so does that remark, but I couldn't help myself.) Glad Quincy's OK, though, and hopefully your house will smell like normal soon!

Cookie said...

Oh no! Poor Quincy.

I hope the smell fades quickly. Can you Fabreeze the sofa?

sabrina said...

It will last for weeks. Literally. The absolute best solution no matter what else you read anywhere is Nature's Miracle. Buy it (or any similar enzymatic spray) by the bucket and just keep spraying everything. The smell will travel to odd places and things that didn't touch it will all the sudden stink. Just keep spraying. The dog will stink everytime he gets hot or wet. Spray him too (avoid the eyes - rub it in around his face to do that). Spray spray spray. Also, Tide is the only laundry detergent that has enzymes. Use it for any clothes or anything that have the smell.

You sound way better off than we were but I'm just warning you. Because it will keep driving you crazy for a while and you'll feel like it will never go away. And then one day it finally will.

sabrina said...

Oh. Also, rather than Glade plug-ins get any of the odor absorbing things. Lava rock is best but there are other like cake things that you'll find in the Glade aisle. You want to absorb the odor not cover it.

And Nature's Miracle. Oh, did I say that already? ;)

Cetta said...

Coffee grounds left in open containers around the house help with the smell, too. My dog got it in the face this summer, too. Damned skunks!

Mike said...

Florinda: I hope so, too. Wasn't a good sign when I could smell it from outside the front door. :(

Cookie: I did use some Febreeze already, but I have some other stuff now.

Sabrina: Thanks for all the great tips! I found some of that stuff at the pet store today. Works well, it seems. We did find some odor eating stuff to put around. Hope it all works.

Cetta: Thanks for the tip. Another reason we need to start drinking coffee. :)

pacalaga said...

Cookie linked me.
I had a coworker who had a skunk come in through the dog door and spray INSIDE the house.

Mike said...

Pacalaga: Yikes! I guess I should consider myself lucky. :)

Carrie#K said...

Cookie linked me too and while I feel your pain, your description of the smell between Quincy & the cover up was hilarious.

Mike said...

Carrie: Thanks. If you can't laugh at your house smelling of skunk and various candles, what can you laugh at? :)