Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The start of the new bathroom

So, finally, we are having our master bathroom remodeled. It's not like we were planning on doing it the year after we moved in 10 years ago or anything. (Hint: we were.)

I never really thought we'd ever get around to it, but we couldn't take it anymore. You know things are bad when you area happy to stay in a hotel because the bathroom is so much nicer than yours. Like the vanity isn't from the late 60s. And not the cool part of the 60s either, but the drab, dreary part.

So here area couple of before shots.

Here we have the beautiful vanity. I'm not entirely sure what the material is on top, but I'm sure it looked cool under a black light or while on LSD. Now it's just fugly. Oh, you can kind of see the shower in the mirror. It didn't take a photo of the inside of the shower because I didn't want to gross anybody out. It was bad. No amount of cleaner could help it anymore.

Here you can see the shower off to the right and the toilet. Nothing terrible here as the floor is relatively recent, not from us though, as is the toilet. The door with the mirror on it is another lovely relic from the late 60s. It reminds me of the ugly brown paneling that everyone had back then. Why was that considered nice looking? Seriously, it's like every designer from that time had some sort of color deficiency with their eyeballs.

Today they came in and tore everything out. The walls are still up. But the ceiling, shower and fixtures are all gone. See, you can see the inside of the roof and everything.

Now the wall where the vanity was is just mostly white with some black globs of some sort of glue that held the mirror on the wall. Surprisingly, they got the mirror off without breaking it. No seven years of bad luck for this house.

The funny thing here, which nobody else will notice, is how high the ceiling went. Inside the shower it was only about six-and-a-half feet tall. It looked like some duct work was in there, but nope, just for "looks" I guess. This shower is going to seem so much bigger now.

I'll try to update as we go along. I know this is the highlight of everyone's life right now.


Dreamybee said...

This is a mix of "I don't envy you at all" and "I am so jealous right now!". LOL! I know what you mean about the shower--a 14-year-old shower in a humid environment with a leaky spigot and uneven tiling make for some awesome mold/mildew conditions, no matter how much bleach you use! Can't wait to see the "afters'. :)

Mike Frighetto said...

Ha! I hear you. I've been looking forward to/dreading this for a long time. :)