Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And that's Perfection!

Remember this game? The kids found it in the closet of my old bedroom a couple of weeks ago. It's still works. I decided to use this for my picture for the Flickr photo group theme day -- Play. It turned out okay. I forgot how high the pieces flew.

Do you remember the song from the commercial? I do. For some stupid reason I had memorized it when I was a kid. I watched a lot of TV, what do you expect?

I also remember my brother playing a trick on me about that stupid song. We were in bed, back when we shared a room, and he kept asking me how the song went. So, I'd sing it. He must have asked me ten times, trying to pretend like he didn't remember. Then he said said, "Does it go like this?" and he started signing it. Only, it wasn't him. He had recorded me on his cassette player (those old shoe box-sized ones) and played back my voice. For some reason this pissed me off, which is stupid, but being the youngest of the family I yelled at him just loud enough for my mom to hear and get him in trouble. Being the youngest was the best sometimes.

I still have Electronic Perfection, which was nothing like this game. It was a lot more like Simon. I don't recall playing that too often. I wonder if it still works? Anybody have 10 C batteries for me to use?


Florinda said...

I remember it, but never owned it. I don't think I played it very often, and the only part of the jingle I remember is the part you quoted in your post title.

(I suspect that when/if I get back to Chicago, and Tall Paul comes with me, there will be hours of all of us sitting around remembering old TV shows and commercials. Won't that be fun?)

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, it will! :)

The sad thing is, I think I remember the whole song.