Monday, October 26, 2009

Poised for attack

I see you
Originally uploaded by Mike F.
Sure, this squirrel looks all nice and cuddly up there in the tree eating his little nut, but he would grab you by the throat in a second if you let him. Or, maybe he'd chew through your power line to your house and let all your food spoil. Either way, squirrels are pure evil. Don't. Ever. Forget.

How is your Monday?


Florinda said...

"Squirrels are pure evil." My dog would agree, I'm sure, since she is dedicated to trying to eradicate them. She hasn't had much luck, though.

It's only the fluffy tails that make them seem cute - without those, they'd just be tree rats :-).

Cookie said...

So true!

Mike said...

Florinda: The dogs might also add that they are tasty. Yes, they are totally tree rats. They evolved those fluffy tails so we wont run them over. Would you slow down for a rat crossing the street? I think not! :)

Cookie: I know! They'd kill us all in a second, if they could.