Sunday, December 5, 2010

The First Snow of 2010-2011

We had our first snow this weekend. It wasn't as bad as predicted, but it made some things look nice. See:

There are Elk in the woods here. I guess they are mascots in a way since the town is called Elk Grove. As soon as I went to the fence one started walking towards me. He probably thought I had some food, I didn't and your not allowed to feed them anyway. The Elk should know that by now.

Happy Winter!


Cookie said...

So pretty!

Mike said...

Cookie: Yeah, this place looks nice right after it snows. It doesn't take long for it to look lousy after that. Too many people go through there and make a mess.

Carrie#K said...

Elk are notoriously slow learners.

So pretty! And people. Pfft.
I'm taking a wild guess that you don't live in Elk Grove, CA.

Mike said...

Carrie: No. I live in Illinois. This is on my way to work. During the winter I wish I lived in CA. :)