Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I stopped to take a picture and thought I was going to get busted

I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, but I wanted to post the final product here, so you may be reading this again. If at all.

For a while now I've wanted to stop and take a picture of these shopping carts that were tossed into the drainage ditch next to the road near my house. They've been there forever, but with a recent downpour they had been shoved together and closer to a parking lot. Not to mention they looked even more depressing with all the crud that they accumulated with all the water rushing past them.

So yesterday I decided I'd stop and snap a few quick photos while on the way to get the kids at school. Like I said they were lying in the ditch right off the parking lot so it was easy access, but I also knew I'd people driving by would be wondering what I was doing. Sure enough, I could see the people driving by giving me weird looks. Then, after snapping two quick shots I noticed a cop car pulled into the lot. You can see him coming in this shot.

I wasn't sure what he was going to say. I wasn't trespassing, but I wasn't sure if he'd give me a hard time for walking down there. He asked me if everything was okay, saw my camera then gave me 'the look' and asked if I was taking artsy-fartsy pictures. I said yes. He was fine with it and asked me what camera I had and proceeded to tell me what he used and told me about a neat monopod-tripod combo thing her had just ordered. So, he was just as cool (nerdy) as me. We talked for a couple of minutes then he said he'd let me get back to shooting. I was happy to have this experience since I read about people getting harassed when taking pictures sometimes. True, that usually happens in big cities and not in the suburbs, but it was still good to know I don't have to worry about walking around in odd spots with my camera.

Anyway, this was the shot I decided to keep.

The funny thing is there the TJ Maxx is not close to this spot at all. Did someone walk a few miles with there clothes they bought?


Cookie said...

Good photo! And you got a story out of it, too! :D

Maybe it was kids? Who knows with those kids today. /cranky old lady

Dreamybee said...

Ahhh, the elusive Cartus Maxxius-it's hard to find these outside of their native environments! Cool shot. I wonder if you sent this to TJ Maxx if they'd send somebody out to retrieve the cart.

Mike said...

Cookie: thanks! Yeah, these damn kids. They are always on my lawn. :)

Dreamybee: Thanks!

Good question, though I doubt it. There is probably something living in it by now. Best to cut their losses. :)

Carrie#K said...

Maybe it washed downstream. Yeah, unlikely.

I for one am looking forward to the day the turkeys revolt. We should be eating chickens. Carrots have more intellect.

Anonymous said...

Good thing there wasn't a dead body there.

Mike said...

Carrie#K: I'm with you, I like chicken better anyway. :)

Anon: There could have been, there were a lot of leaves covering stuff up. I'd probably be in jail now...