Monday, November 1, 2010

Shit in my mom's house #2

I have spices again, but I think these are pretty good. When I go to my mom's again this week I'll try to find more stuff. Sometimes finding the old stuff in my mom's house is the best part about visiting.

First up, freeze dried chives. Are chives always freeze dried? I know very little about spices. All I know is these are some old freeze dried chives. Take a look at the bottle:

That's an old-school font and colors definitely are. Any guess on this date on the bottom of the bottle? I'll give you a hint. The year was a big deal here in America. Many coins were minted especially for this year.

Yep, 1976. Those are some bicentennial chives right there. But, is that the expiration date? If so, how old are they? I imagine that a freeze dried chive can last a long time, right? Was that the purpose of freeze drying stuff? Long shelf life? And, also to lock in the flavor of Floger's Crystals. Hell, these things could be from the sixties for all we know. Anybody have some carbon dating equipment we can use to pin it down?

I have one more to share. This one is cloves. I decided to combine these to items since I used to get these two things confused when I was younger. Take a look at the box. It's got to be pre-1970, right?

I don't have a date, but this stuff cost 21 cents. You can't even get a gum ball for that, and yet you used to be able to buy a whole box of cloves to stick in a ham. Or, whatever you do with them.

I bet if I search hard enough I could find an old Twinkie at my mom's house. Dare me to eat it?


Florinda said...

1) I hope you threw out those ancient spices after your took their pictures.

2) If you fins that Twinkie, Paul and I totally dare you to eat it. :-)

Mike said...

Florinda: No, actually I didn't. It's not like she's going to use this stuff. I hope...Good thing I have to work Thanksgiving, just in case.

How much are you going to give me if I eat the Twinkie :)

Cookie said...

Chives are more herbs than spices, Mike. I think they dried them so they wouldn't go slimy. ;^)

Cloves from the 1960s is my best guess. Way before our time.

Don't break a tooth on that Twinkie! o.O

Mike said...

Cookie: Spices, herbs, peaches, whatever. :)

They certainly look like they are from before out time. I didn't open anything. Just in case something jumped out.