Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annoying bugs

Warning: Photos of bugs ahead. In case you don't like that sort of thing.

So these guys like to bask in the sun on the side of our house.

They are Boxelder bugs, not a big deal, but they are annoying. When we first moved into the house about 7 years ago, we would find these things in the house a lot once spring came. The creeped me out at first, but once I found out what they were, I was just annoyed. Luckily, a quick call to a bug guy got rid of them pretty quickly. He also sprayed the outside of the house so they would stop suntanning on our house. More often than not, I'd find one of these guys on his back outside the front door kicking his tiny legs. I wouldn't put him out of his misery; I wanted to make sure his friends saw what would happen if they messed with my house.

They haven't come around much the last several years, but since we got new siding this summer they are back. We lost that nice coating of chemicals that kept them away, I guess. I think they were waiting, too. It seemed like they came back less than a week after the new siding was up. Bastards!

I probably won't do anything about it now since winter is coming, but come spring, these guys are going to need to find a new house to lounge on.

Yes, you better run away.


Marilyn said...

My dear mother-in-law used to drown them in a cup full of soapy water. But then she had them all over the inside of her house. Yuck!

Mike said...

Marilyn: That seems time-consuming, but probably a satisfying way to kill them. :)

Cookie said...

Those little baskers! *L*

Mike said...

Cookie: Hee.