Saturday, March 26, 2011

Few words, mostly pictures

I haven't had time to write much here this week since the kids were on Spring Break and I was home with them. We spent a lot of the time catching up on doctor appointments, hiding from the rain and the last few days spent playing Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Our son has been waiting for that game since Christmas I think.

So, since I don't have much to say I thought I'd add a few photos I've taken the last few days.

This one is the side of an old village hall built in 1907. They don't put these kind of things on the side of buildings anymore.

Here is a random cart hanging out behind a gas station. So lonely.

This is the third of fourth robin of spring. Looks a little chubby.

I didn't pull off the exact shot I wanted here with the railroad tracks, but I was afraid of getting run down by a silent train. Or something.

How has your spring been?

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