Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm back, baby!

The title has two meanings since we are back from our trip to Wisconsin Dells and Futurama is back on the air. More about Futurama later, we'll talk about me first. It's my blog, you know.

If you are not from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa., Michigan or Minnesota you might not know what Wisoncsin Dells is. Well, it's "The Waterpark Capital of the World." Yes, it says so right here. Also, it's the only place I know of where you say the state before the city name. Well, except for maybe New York since you can never be sure which part people are talking about first. (Yes, I was reaching for that one).

We drove up there on Wednesday and left on Friday. That may sound like a short trip, but everyone I talked to that has been there says that is about right. I mean, how many times can you go to the pool and play? There is only so much chlorine and sunburn that the body can take.

We stayed at the Wilderness Resort. See, the bear cubs on the sign make it extra wilderness-y.

It was a decent place. They had tons of different pools and slides to play around in. Or, as we liked to do a lot, they had a few lazy rivers. Although they weren't quite as relaxing as they should be. You know how hard it is to get in a two person tube while your lightweight kid is in the front and there is a current trying to drag the tube away? Well, it's not all that easy. I have the scrapes to prove it. Yes, I'm a klutz. What can I say?

We never ate, or drank at this particular place, but I had to take a picture of the sign.

There were a lot of stuffed foxes and raccoons around on the ceiling of the various eating and drinking spots. Speaking of which, we went to one restaurant for dinner the first night and were delighted when they told us the kids eat free at the buffet if we ordered the buffet. We should have asked how much the buffet was first. Twenty bucks a person was a little steep for what was there. We were a little disappointed by that.

On the first night the guys hit the arcade while the girls went to the pottery place to paint something. Our daughter has told us several times she wants to be an artist, so we indulge here when we can. See, look at the mugs she painted. Aren't they nice?

On the second night, we were smart and went off property to eat dinner. This place called Moose Jaw Pizza and Dells Brewing was recommended by one of Jenn's co-workers. While the name doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, the food was good, the prices much better than the resort and they had their own beer. That was really good. But don't take my word for it, look at this car they have.

You know a place is going to be good if they go through all this trouble decking out their delivery car. Although, when I see the car, I think of something else on the moose and it's not the jaw.

We spent a few hours swimming the next morning, then headed back home. It's not a far drive for us; just under three hours, so it is quite manageable. Especially when one, or both, of the kids sleep most of the way.

One thing about the drive home. Wisconsin people tend to get miffed when people make fun of them as the land of cheese but when you drive home and see two cheese chalets, a giant mouse on top of a giant piece of cheese and several various other cheese huts, you kind of have to take it. Sorry, Wisconsin, but it's okay, you guys have some awesome cheese. Learn to accept it.

That was our longest road trip so far. I know, lame. But we go to Door County (Wisconsin again) for five days later this summer. That's about a five hour drive. That's something, right?

So, Futurama. You're watching it, right. It's on Comedy Central. So, go watch. Come on, I don't want it to be cancelled again. I'll give you candy.


Florinda said...

We recorded the return of Futurama, but haven't watched those 2 episodes yet - we just got back from vacation ourselves, you know :-).

And thanks for the picture of that car - that's one that must be seen to be believed!

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, it does. I knew I have to take a picture as soon as I saw it. I was mad that I only had my phone with me.