Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm going to be offline the next few days. This is different than the last few days where I was just plain lazy and didn't post anything.

So, I leave you with this. If Batman had to fight Steve Austin (AKA The Six Million Dollar Man), who would win, and why? Think about it, Batman has a lot of fighting skill and all those gadgets, but Steve Austin could throw him through a wall. It's a tough choice.

Have a good rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

i think batman would deffinitly lose. he can't even fly. he's called batman but he can't fly. and i'm pretty sure that bats are fairly useless when they can't fly.

Mike said...

True, but he has awesome weapons. he dosn't need to fly. Though, it would be cool if he could.

Florinda said...

I asked Tall Paul that question, since that's more his field of expertise than mine. He had to give it some thought, but he picked Steve Austin over Batman. HIS technology is built-in :-).

Mike said...

Florinda: That is true.

Are you typing all this with one hand? :)