Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

It's been a busy week so far. Yes, I know it is only Monday, but we had the big Chicago Bears game on Sunday, Jenn left for Toronto on Sunday, and, well, Jenn left for Toronto, so I'm all alone here. Okay, the kids are here, but they are the problem. I have to make sure they are fed, have their homework done, have a lunch for school and don't kill each other. That is a lot for one man to do. Women do that all the time, I know, but I'm a guy. That's just too much for me to think about. I need to reduce it by a third at least. That's why I decided I'm not going to feed the dogs at all while Jenn is gone. They can find something outside, I'm sure. Cruise is always chasing squirrels out there. Maybe now he'll actually try to catch one instead of his half-hearted attempts he makes now to show off to the other dogs in the neighborhood.

Here's an example of my ineptitude. Jenn reminded me to help our daughter with her math homework that was due today. No problem. I'll get to it after the football game. And, yes, we did get to it. I explained how to count the coins and how to find a way to make a certain amount of money in various coin combinations. I think she even got it. Her teacher, however, never got it. The homework that is. When I picked up the kids at school I asked them if they had any homework. My daughter said yes, that her teacher told her she could turn in her homework tomorrow even though it was due today. Huh? Somehow we did the homework but it never made it to the school. I thought I put it in her back back, but I guess I didn't. It is nowhere to be found. I even went through some of the garbage. I have no idea where it is. So now tomorrow I have to go and ask if we can get another sheet to do. I'm sure if I explain that Jenn is out of town she'll give me that look that women give to dads who are clueless and give me another one with no problems.

At least I remembered to give the kids dinner tonight.

What else? We had our son's ninth birthday party on Saturday. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to invite his class here. While it turned out well, and the kids had fun, we were both exhausted from it. Luckily, Jenn's parents and sister helped out. I don't know if we could have done it without them. It was also nice of all the parents to show up right on time to pick up the kids. I mean that, they were right on time. They all said they figured we'd be ready to have the kids out after three hours. Yes, we were. The kids were pretty well behaved, but they can only last so long inside a house before they go bonkers. It would have been nice if our son was born in the summer so all the kids could have gone in the yard to run around.

Did I mention it was a Mad Scientist Party? Yeah, here's me being an even bigger dork than normal in a blurry cellphone photo.

Did I also tell you I'm going to be Young Doc Brown in The Further Adventures of Marty McFly?

With that, I'm out.


Florinda said...

Great costume! Can I use that picture with your guest post next week? :-D

You'll survive till Jenn comes back. So will the kids, and even the dogs. Not so sure about the squirrels, though.

Mike said...

Florinda: Thanks, and NO! I don't want your readership to think I'm a total nut. :)

Jenn is at the airport now ready to come home. The stress is leaving my body now.

Carrie#K said...

Snazzy! I can hardly wait to see that take off in the fashion pages.

I'm pretty sure you can manage to wrangle w/o Jenn. For a short time.

Feed the dogs. The kids can pull things out of the cupboards & frig if they're hungry. Better than squirrel. What if Cruise wants to share?

Mike said...

Carrie: I have a show lined up in Milan. I really think it will take off. :)