Sunday, January 30, 2011

You are great, please retweet

So, I was thinking about this as I was trying to watch MegaPython vs. Gatoroid on SyFy last night. I say trying to watch because it was pretty much unwatchable. You know, I have no problem with cheesy SF movies, or even bad ones if they are at least trying a little bit, but this was just plain bad. I know what they were doing, people thought it was funny to see former teen idols Tiffany and Debbie Gibson in some of their bad movies, so they thought they'd put them in one together. Then have them fight. Awesome.

Don't get me wrong. I wanted to check this out. I thought if it was done right it could be fun. But it wasn't. Done right, or fun, that is. Look, I don't know if it was them or the directors but Tiffany and Debbie (sorry, Deborah) were lousy in this movie. It's hard to enjoy the cheesiness if they suck so bad that it hurts your ears and eyes to watch them. Also, I know they wanted to have them fight, I mean, how else are you going to get the guys to watch it, but there was never any reason for them to have conflict. Sure, Tiffany wanted to protect her gators that were eaten by the snakes that Debbie was trying to save, but why do they hate each other? If they really cared about wildlife they would work together on a solution. I mean, who loves snakes that much but hates gators? They are basically the same thing just with one of them missing legs.

Anyway, I'm not going into the whole movie because I didn't watch the whole thing. I couldn't. What got me going was all the tweets I saw SyFy retweeting from people who said it was awesome. That got me thinking, how many of those people were tweeting that so they would get retweeted? Those of you on Twitter know what I'm talking about, right? There are so many out there, not the spambots, that seem to tweet praise on something silly just to get retweeted and maybe more followers. Don't get me wrong, I'll tweet stuff to people with many more followers, or who are famous in one way or another, but I do it because I think that person might think it's funny. I don't hope for retweets or even a response. It's mostly to amuse myself and possibly them.

I'm not sure any of that made sense.

This also brings me to Facebook and what I hate about it. Besides all the quizzes and stupid things people do, I really hate a few specific things that people post. First is chain letters. Or at least the digital equivalent. Any post on Facebook that starts with, "I know 95% of you won't do this..." I automatically skip. I know that person didn't write it, so it doesn't bother me. Plus, they know I'm not going to anyway, it says so right in their post.

Then we have the vague sympathy posts. You know what I mean. "Blank is sad today" or, "Blank needs to do some thinking." Look, if you have something to say, just say it. Why are you sad? Just tell me and maybe I'll say something. If you do this stuff I'm going to ignore it. I do the same thing in person. Have you ever been around some one who will keep sighing or hinting that they want you to ask about something? We've all seen that I'm sure. I may be a jerk, but I totally ignore it. Sure it's mean, but if you just told me what the problem was I would talk to you about it. I'm not heartless, I just don't think I need to be forced to ask what is wrong.

Yeah, I know I kind of sound like a jerk here, but I'm really a nice guy. Just easily irritated. Can guys have PMS? Maybe that's my problem today.


Cookie said...

Of course, that movie was going to suck. Look who was in it! I think it's great that SyFy is trying to use social media, but it's a same that they're not being honest at the same time.

And faceyspace? Mike, honey, it's people whoring for attention. Just like toddlers do. Anything attention is good attention in their view. This is what the internet has brought us.

Btw, there's nothing wrong with being cranky. ;^)

Florinda said...

Thank you for attempting to watch MegaPython vs. Gatoroid so the rest of us wouldn't have to. There IS a genuine difference between "so bad it's good" and just plain BAD, but not everyone gets that. Sounds like some of those folks on Twitter didn't get it...and SyFy took advantage of that.

And hey, you're in the middle of endless Chicago winter - you're allowed to be cranky :-D.

Carrie#K said...

Why are you still watching SyFy? It used to be my channel of choice and now I think I watch maybe one or two shows on it.

Seriously, Tiffany & Debbie Gibson? Geez Louise.

Mike said...

Cookie: Oh, I knew it would be bad. I was just hoping for good bad, not bad bad.

I don't really blame SyFy for the tweets. They were doing what they were supposed to do. Just the people on the other end.

Florinda: Exactly! Some of their movies are the right kind of bad, this one wasn't. I think they were trying too hard or taking themselves to seriously. The film makers that is.

Carrie: I really like Warehouse 13 on the channel. I used to love BSG when it was on. I will flip through to see if they are playing and good older movie too.

You know, they could have pulled it off if they did it right. So sad... :)

Carrie#K said...

To be fair, Eureka is one of my faves too. But I used to watch pretty much nothing but SyFy and now - ? two shows? Sad. How about Caprica and the new Stargate? I couldn't get into them.