Sunday, April 3, 2011

Growing like

Just before Spring Break the kids had a special day at school where they could sign up to learn about different things. I mean things that aren't normally taught in school, of course. The school invites parents to come and teach the kids which is nice. I didn't sign up since I don't know anything fun to teach the kids. I could certainly bore them to death if I wanted to though.

Anyway, our daughter signed up to do some planting and came home with a little planter that had carrots and bean seeds in it. She was very excited and checked on them everyday. After a few days we started to see a spout popping up.

She made sure to show off the little sprout to anyone that would look. Now, not even two weeks later we have two of these big things. Not to mention some carrot tops popping out. No, not the comedian, thank God.

Obviously she has a much greener thumb than I do. I suck at this stuff. Now we need to find something bigger to put these in, and maybe something to support them so they don't fall over.

This must be my most exciting post ever!


Cookie said...

How cool!

Are they pole beans? If they are, they'll need something to climb, Mike. Oh and beans grow 24 hours a day. Brace yourself for an adventure.

Mike said...

Cookie: I have no idea. The little stick in the dirt says "beans." That's all I know. First I need to get them in something bigger. Also, it's too cold to put them out yet. They are going to take over the house!