Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"I'd Say It's Coming Straight Toward Me"

Have you seen this video of a tornado taken by a guy sitting in a truck? Does anything excite this guy?

But I feel, as a sort of PSA, I should mention a few things about this video. First, don't do this. Ever. Sure, if you see a tornado you are going to want to grab a few frames of video, but do it from a safer spot. Be ready to take cover. Okay?
Second, I like how he says it's about a half-mile away and it's a weak one since he can only see dust and leaves in it, or something like that. Those aren't leaves. That is debris. Can you see leaves from half of a mile away? No, those were probably branches and parts houses or something. Maybe a cow. Are there cows in North Carolina?
And, finally, the best part is when it gets close and he gets a little nervous and tells the person on the phone he loves them. I thin, then he realized that this might be a little more dangerous than he thought. See, even if a tornado look, or is, a little weaker it can still fling some pretty big stuff at you. That is what is going to kill you.
I'm glad this guy wasn't hurt and he shared this video, but let's not try to top him, okay?
This has been your Tornado PSA For today.
I know Jenn is laughing as she reads this since this is something I would do, but I'm a professional so it's okay.

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