Friday, April 10, 2009

For those who find boiling water difficult

I give you the Egg Genie, because, apparently, putting water on the stove and boiling an egg is too demanding for the average human. Watch the little video on their site. See how hard it is to get those eggs perfect? You have to carry a pot of water ALL THE WAY to the stove, turn it on, and bring it to a boil. Seriously, how did people eat hard-boiled eggs in the days of June Cleaver?

Plus, as the video shows, for some reason they don't taste good if you boil them. But, if you steam them in the Egg Genie, they will turn out perfect! Every time! No guessing when the egg is done, I mean, I guess there is no guessing, Is there a timer? It doesn't really say in the commercial or the website. Do I still need to time them? Why don't they give a free egg timer instead of the baconwave. Think about it, who eats bacon with hard-boiled eggs? Nobody. Oops, never mind, I see where it says there is sound and light indicator. Then the question becomes, how do I make soft-boiled eggs? Are there settings on it? Do I need to time it when I make soft-boiled eggs?

But wait, you can steam vegetables with it. Look! It can hold about three little pieces of broccoli and two mini carrots at one time. I hope you don't have a big, hungry family looking for their veggies.

Why is the measuring cup glowing? Does it contain Holy Water? Speaking of that, this would be good for getting eggs ready to color for Easter; if you only wanted to color seven of them. Who came up with seven? Why not an even six? You know, a half dozen. I imagine a Spinal Tap like meeting for the product, "But you can steam one more than a dozen." Great idea, Bob. You get a 16.7 percent raise!

So, to quote Mike J. from the website, if you like to have the best equipment in you kitchen, you need the Egg Genie. (Yes, he actually says that.)

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