Thursday, April 2, 2009

Question of the day; April 2, 2009

Does the Queen Elizabeth II need an iPod. Sure, said iPod has footage from her last visit to the US. But, wouldn't she have access to that footage? I mean, she is the Queen,  I'm sure it's on a DVD or VHS tape (I picture her still using a VCR. With the clock blinking12:00). Of course, she doesn't have a 12 year-old son to transfer that to an iPod, so maybe it's not such a bad gift. Does she know how to use an iPod?

Okay, maybe I had a few questions. But, they needed to be asked.


Cookie said...

She needs to keep something in her handbag, Mike. ;^)

Florinda said...

I heard she already had an iPod before she got this one, so hopefully she knows how to use it.

Mike said...

Cookie: well, that's true. I didn't think about that. I know, typical guy. :)

Florinda: She has one already? Maybe she's more high tech than I thought. Does she have an iPhone too? Is she on Twitter? :)

Cookie said...


I'm such a dork. *L*

Mike said...

Cookie: Thanks! The Twitter feed is awesome. :)