Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend Assignment #263: Predict the Future

Karen wants us to use our psychic abilities this week. That shouldn't be too hard, I've been practicing all week. 

Weekend Assignment #263: Predict one, two or three things you expect to happen (or so you claim!) before 2009 is over. It can be a logical extrapolation from current conditions, wish fulfillment, an attempt to show off your psychic ability, if any, or random silliness, or some combination thereof.

Let's see what I can come up with. 

First, in sports the Blackhawks will win the Stanley Cup, The Bulls will win the NBA Championship, the Cubs and White Sox will be in the World Series together and the Cubs will win. Hey, the White Sox won just a few years ago. Then, after all the fires have been put out around the city, the IOC will determine that Chicago can't handle a major sporting event, so they decide to have the 2016 Summer Games in Des Moines, Iowa. That way, it's still close enough for the people living in Illinois to travel to see the games. How nice of them! 

In economic news, things will calm down, and, I hope, most people will get jobs that lost them a short time ago. No joke there, I just hope that it happens. 

On the tech front, a cell phone will come out that can dial the phone number of someone just by thinking of that person. It will work flawlessly, then people start drunk dialing their ex-girlfriends constantly. Lawsuits will be filed, people will get rich, all because the people designing the technology never had girlfriends. 

That's all I can come up with at this point. 

Extra Credit: Have you ever predicted something unlikely, and turned out to be right?

Last summer, when oil was at $150 a barrel and gas was $5 a gallon, I said that oil would be at $50 by the end of the year. I was joking, but I turned out to be right. 

So, since I've proved my psychic abilities, won't you call my psychic line for a free reading? Only $10.99 a minute. Call today! 

Do you have any predictions for this year? 


Florinda said...

Are you trying to hog ALL of the championships for Chicago? But I'd actually be happy to see you be right about the Cubbies :-).

That cell phone sounds dangerous!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I think the Cubs will have to wait until Marty sees the hovercars in Courthouse Square. But fingers crossed on #2!

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, maybe I am trying to hog them! :)

I don't know, I think if the Cubs win all the fun will be lost.

Karen: I think you might be right. :)