Thursday, August 13, 2009

My lips are dangerously cheesy

That's because I use Cheetos lip balm.

I'm not sure how this would taste as a lip balm. Would it taste okay for the first few minutes then eventually make you sick to your stomach?

Now, the Cinnabon lip balm is probably a different, more delicious story.

Through the wonder of the Internet I found a blog about different lip balms. I guess Chaptastic is the place to go for all your lip balm reviews.

I can't stop typing lip blam, instead of lip balm. Maybe I watched too many episodes of Batman as a kid.

Pow! Splat! Blammo!

That is all...

Cheeto lip balm image from here.


Suzanne said...

Where did you find the Cheetos one? I have to get that for my high school best friend who LIVED on and LOVED Cheetos. That is hilarious.

Mike said...

Suzuanne: I found it online, but I don't actually have one. Looks like you can order online at