Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekend Assignment #278: It's blogging time

This week Karen asks a simple question; when do you blog?

Weekend Assignment: #278: How often do you blog? Do you try to maintain a schedule, or just blog when you're inspired and have the time? How do memes affect your blogging habits?
Extra Credit: Are you blogging more or less often now than you were a year ago?

Simple, right?

Well, for me, there isn't a straight up answer. I certainly don't have a schedule. I pretty much blog when I can, or when I have something I want to say. I participate in Karen's Weekend Assignments, but I don't have a certain day that I do them. That's why I'm writing this at 10pm when I should be going to bed. That's dedication for you, people.

I also participated into Carly's photo shoots, but I don't have a preset day that I post those either. A lot of this is due to my work schedule. Sometimes I work on weekends, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I work during the day, other times at night. It doesn't make for a good consistent blogging schedule. I don;t post often from work, but sometimes I will post something via e-mail. It all depends on how busy the day is.

For the extra credit; I'd have to say I blog a bit less. I don't do something everyday, but I try. I blame Twitter for some of my lack of posts. Sometimes I can just say something really quickly. Plus, it's a good way to put off doing other things. Like work.

What about you? What is your blogging schedule, if you have one?


Florinda said...

I think Twitter deserves the blame, to be honest. I like it, but it's definitely pulled some people away from blogging as much as they used to.

But in your case, you do have the world's craziest work schedule to navigate around too :-). Not to mention the family, and the dog (is it "dogs" yet?)...

Mike said...

Florinda: Yes, I blame Twitter for everything. It's easier that way.

No, it's is still one dog. So far. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I see a pattern developing. Yes! Let's all blame Twitter!