Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey, look what cool thing I got to do.

I know I've told you all to go check out Functional Nerds before for their fun podcasts, but today you have an extra special reason to check them out. I have a music review up over there. Isn't that cool?

How did this come about? Well, quite a while ago I saw a post up over at SF Signal about music. I don't remember the actual post, but I know I commented about some of the music I like. Later on in the day I got a tweet from John Anealio (I think he wrote the post at SF Signal, but I could be wrong) saying we had very similar tastes in music. Turned out we did. John is know for his SF Songs that he writes, as well as his work on Functional Nerds, of course. He also has a regular feature on Wired about music.

Anyway, a while back I was talking about the latest Spock's Beard album on Twitter and John came back and asked me if I'd like to write a review for the Functional Nerds. So, John got me in touch with Patrick Hester to set me up to post the review. Now Patrick is the co-host with John on Functional Nerds, but is pretty much the go-to guy for SF podcasts. Well, actually podcasting in general as he helps produce several right now. Patrick is also posting tips on podcasting now as well, not to mention writing.

So, to make a long story short, that is how my review is up at Functional Nerds. So go over there and read it and comment. Please.

Special thanks to John and Patrick. And thanks to all of you.

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Florinda said...

That IS a cool thing you got to do!