Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon It

We survived the Great Snow of 2011. All I have to show for it is some sore muscles from shoveling and snow blowing the driveway. I don't know our official total, but I know O'Hare recorded 20.2 inches. O'Hare is close enough to my house to count that as the total by me too. The main problem was the drifting snow. We have winds up to 60mph last night so we had some drifts of at least four feet. It looked really neat, until I had to clean it up. I think it took about two hours. I tried to take some pictures to give you an idea what it was like.

Here is a picture down the street about an hour before it started.

I should add that this storm didn't take its time to get going. We went from nothing to not being able to see across the street in a matter of minutes. It only got worse after that.

I took this crappy picture through the front window as it was really going.

The wind was so strong that I thought that light pole was going to crash down on the driveway. It didn't.

This is the street after it was all done and the sun came out. It looks nice here. Now it's all broken up with footprints and ugly piled up at the end of all the driveways.

Quincy and Cruise had a good time running around in the backyard. I wasn't sure how the would like all the snow, but we had a hard time getting them in the house most of the day, so I assume they like it.

Here is a photo of them playing in the snow.

And here is a video. I hope this works. I think this is the first time putting a video up here and I've had a Flip camera for over a year.

Overall, it was pretty neat to watch. The last time we had a storm like this was 1999 and I was at work and then slept through a lot of it. I slept through a lot of this too, but I got to see the thundersnow. Speaking of thundersnow, here is Jim Cantore almost getting killed by it.

I know New York and most of the east coast has it worse this winter, but this was a huge storm covering many states. I think as a whole this was one of the biggest winter storms in a long time. Let's wait until next century for the next one, okay?


stacey said...

I don't have a lot of photos, but here's my handful of the pre-blizzard, during blizzard and post blizzard, so far. We got 13", but like you said, the drifting KILLED us. Made it to work 6 hours late, and stayed an hour. Nuts!

stacey said...