Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ellipsis Moday Photo Shoot #30: Things that float

From Carly this week:

Pretty self explanatory... show me THINGS THAT FLOAT. Leaves in a stream, pretty candles in a bath tub or pool, clouds, balloons, a scoop of ice cream in soda... ak
a... Root Beer FLOAT. Yum, by the way! A boat on the water, a piece of ice in a glass of water. Children's bubbles. You get the idea. Feel free to get creative with this challenge, and as always, archived photos are fine, but try to post ones you haven't showed us before.

I got a few for today.

First, I threw a ball in the air and managed to catch it with the camera, so to speak.

Next, is a single bubble floating.

And, here my daughter is pointing to a bubble. Can you see it? It's way at the top and basically cut off.

Question Of The Week: If you got an offer to be a photographer for Playboy or a similar magazine, would you accept it?

Not if I wanted to stay married.

Now, go check out the other pictures that Carly links to.


Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

My goodness, I almost thought you might not be joining us this week. I am glad I was wrong. Neat photos. I had to really search for the bubble in the second photo. Neat! Have a wonderful week.


Terri said...

I found bubbles very challenging to catch in a photo! I had to wait till they landed. I need to have someone else do the bubble blowing for one thing - and not on a windy day!

Suzanne R said...

I found it very helpful to click on the first two photos to enlarge them, because my eyes just arent't all that good when it comes to seeing detail sometimes. Good job of capturing the ball and the bubbles!

Wammy said...

It took me some time to f ind the ballin the first shot and I am still searching for the bubble in the second. These tired old eyes are what they used to be. I'll keep trying.

Wammy said...

I found it! DUH I forgot that you could click on the pciture to make it's been a long day!

Jenn said...

Very wise answer to question of the week.

Karen said...

Love your photos! I am a tree person, so I especially appreciate the first one. and I love the bubble suspended in mid-air--Too cool!!