Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #28: Black & White

This week we have to turn off the color for Carly's photo shoot.

Ok everybody, grab your camera, fire up your imagination, and show me some BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY. The subject matter is completely up to you. Do something a little Silly, Fascinating, Spooky, Gothic, or Artsy Noir... it's completely up to you! Just make it BLACK & WHITE.

To me, nothing says black and white like a dormant tree near a shed. Well, at least in my backyard.

Depressing, isn't it? At least Spring is almost here.

During the winter time play sets don't get used too much either. They look lonely at this time of the year.

Here is a close up of part of the swing set. Something about the rope near the fake stones intrigued me.

I think all of the pictures would have looked a little better if it wasn't so sunny out this day.

Extra Credit: Write a little about what it was like to for you to take a BLACK & WHITE photo as opposed to color.

It was a little tough to figure out what to take a picture of at first. I didn't want to take just anything. It seemed like I should try for something that would look a little better in black and white. Or, maybe something that was a little depressing. For some reason, that is the feeling I always get when I look at black and white pictures.


Carly said...

Hi Mike

Depressing? Well, when I looked at the first picture, it reminded me so much of the wonderful old B/W photographs my parents had in an old scrapbook from the early days of their marriage. Circa 1947. They moved into a neighborhood with lots of fruit trees, and cyclone fences, and to make a long story short, it reminded me of those wonderful old pictures that I wished I could have stepped into. Days gone by can be any way we envision them. You gave me a very positive feeling today, one I needed, just by posting some B/W photos of your life as it is right now. Well done with the angles, and the subject matter, and thank you for the insight about what it was like to take the photos. It means a lot to me. You're getting better all the time.

Always, Carly

Tammy said...

The storyteller comes out in me when I look at these. Nice job Mike

Liz said...

There is nothing depressing about your photos, especially the first showing a tree that seems to hold life coiled waiting for spring.

Wammy said...

I think your backyard looks really great. I love black and white shots!