Monday, July 26, 2010

Here I am, on midnights again

Yes, I'm back on midnights. Not cool. It seems like I was just on them, but I looked at my schedule and it was exactly one month since the last time I worked this shift. It's amazing how the calendar can seem to lie to you when you are tired. It certainly doesn't seem like a month ago. So this week will involve a lot of terrible food choices, little sleep and lots of crankiness. Be happy you don't live with me.

This weekend we had my niece's and nephew's graduation party. We had a good time even if we were exhausted. I didn't start the midnights until the night of the party, but the night before the party we had a lot of storms. It started around 10:30 or 11:00 when the power went off after it sounded like something blew up outside the house. I swear, that was the loudest thunder I heard in a long time. Needless to say, the kids woke up and ended up in our room. Since I was going to be working overnight the next night Jenn told me to go sleep in the kids room so I could get some rest. It didn't work. I have a lot of trouble falling to sleep during storms due to the noise. I need it to be very quiet in order to fall asleep, once I'm asleep I'm fine though. I think I feel asleep around 2am, woke up at 5:30 when Jenn went to the gym (it was still raining), went back to sleep and then got up at 7:30 and it was STILL raining. Now , this isn't the most rain we've had in one day, but 6.5 inches is nothing to sneeze at. We didn't have any problems near us, but there was a lot of flooding around the Chicago area.

Now, you'd think after all that rain that it would be a nice, low humidity day. You'd be wrong. It still sucked outside. So my plan to shower before the party then go right to work after getting home was thwarted. I hate when my plans get thwarted. It was good to see everybody even if it meant my clothes were sticking to me by the end of the night and I smelled like a dead rat.

Oh, this is funny. My brother asked me to do him a favor and pick up the food. No problem, I was glad to help. He gave me his credit card, the coupon and told me where to pick up his food. One slight problem, the place didn't take American Express. I felt like I was stuck in a VISA commercial. Lucky for me I had my VISA check card with me, because while Popeye's makes good chicken they are like many merchants all of the world that don't take American Express. No my brother owes me money, but it's no big deal. It was more funny than anything else.

Now they have a son going to college and daughter in high school which is crazy to me because I can remember coming home from college to see my sister-in-law in the hospital when their son was born. It makes me feel a little old. Of course, my brother is older, so I have that to help me through this difficult time.

That was pretty much my whole weekend. I slept all day on Sunday and now I am back at work. I lead such an exciting life. The only good thing about this shift is the commercials I get to see. Have you seen the new Total Pillow? I'm definitely going to get one to use in the car. How else can I sleep comfortably while driving?

Have a good week!

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