Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

Today, is Thursday, I finished up my week of midnight shifts on Wednesday so my brain is still mushy. You know what that means? Random Topic Day!

3D TVs: I don't get it. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to sit in front of the TV with special glasses on to see it in 3D. Not to mention the fact I already wear regular glasses, how do I do both? If it is anything like the movie theater experience, it's going to blow. I can never get those 3D glasses over my regular glasses properly so things get all fuzzy and I get a headache.

Also, raise your hand if you lose the TV remote a lot. Yes, I image these glasses to be misplaced, or eaten by the dogs. But, they only cost about 100 bucks to replace. No biggie. Oh, and if you have friends over to watch The Big Game, they need to bring their own glasses which may, or may not, work with your TV.

Wake me when holographic TV is out.

The Fushigi Ball: Have you seen this commercial for the magic gravity ball? Why are these people so excited about a glass ball? A glass ball that costs 20 dollars. Watch the video. Isn't it great! It's sweeping the nation! One thing, why isn't the announcer guy wearing a headset? He should know that all the cool guys wear headsets on these commercials. I mean, who's going to buy a Fushigi ball from a guy who doesn't wear a headset?

The Classics: Okay, calling Night Ranger a classic might be a stretch, but they are coming to a July fest close by, so we are going to go. It should be fun. I'm wondering if it will make me feel old, or young? Or both at the same time. Do you think they will play Sister Christian?

Man, I was a huge fan of these guys in high school. I even bought a guitar that closely resembled the guitar Brad Gillis used. I sucked at it, but hey, I never played guitar before that. Or since, but that doesn't matter.

Oh, and the next day Dennis DeYoung is playing at the same fest. I want to go to that as well. We'll see. I have to work this weekend and I don't want to be all tired and cranky. Again.

The World Cup: Is it over? I kid! I actually played soccer as a kid. I think I started around 8 years-old and played into high school. I haven't played in a while. Though I did play one year in a soccer tournament at work about 9 years ago and I almost died. Okay, I only tore a muscle in my ribcage, but it felt like I was going to die when it happened. You never notice how much you use that part of your body until you hurt it. I've also never been so afraid to sneeze or cough.

All I want to know is where those vuvuzela horns came from and where can I get one? I have some people I want to annoy at work.

Speaking of work: CNN came by a couple of weeks ago and filmed our office. Why? Because we are cool. (Stop laughing!) Right at the one minute mark the cameraman was right behind me. It was a little hard to keep a straight face. I think you'll understand why when you listen to the host.

That's all I have for today. I have things to do, you know.


Cookie said...

Thank you!

I keep seeing those 3D ads and thinking those will be the beta machines of 2010... and I still don't understand those glass ball thingies. Maybe I'm getting old.

Dreamybee said...

I agree with you on the 3D TV thing, and I hadn't even thought about the lost glasses part!

Of course Night Ranger will do Sister Christian-how could they not?? Isn't that the only song they ever did? ;) Sorry! (Seriously, though, I think that's the only song of theirs I know.) And you will feel both young and old, especially when it comes time for everyone to pull out their lighters and sway to the music while holding a burning flame aloft and instead everyone pulls out their phones and sways to the light of an LED screen. *sigh* Some things are just wrong.

Mike said...

Cookie: Hey, Betamax was awesome, way better than VHS! Yes, we had one ofnthose, can you tell?

They are magic, they are beyond understanding.

Dreamybee: I just saw that glasses cost $150 from Sony. So I was low!

The only song?! No! They had so many good songs. Too many tom list here, really. :)