Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have developed a problem.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this here, but for Father's Day the kids got me an iPad. Okay, Jenn got it for me, I mean, how much money do the kids have that isn't ours?

Anyway, I really like it. It's great to take to work so I can keep in touch with e-mail, Twitter and the various blogs I follow. Also, and this is one reason I wanted to get one, was that you can read books on it. Here is where the problem started.

See, Apple came out with it's own book reader called iBooks, but they aren't the only one. There is also the Amazon Kindle app, the Barnes and Noble e-reader, Stanza and Borders app. I don't have the Borders one yet, though I'm sure I'll get it since I have a rewards membership with them and the Barnes and Noble rewards blows. So I have all these reader apps and each one has some books, many samples and none have duplicates. I have developed Book Attention Deficit Disorder (BADD). I am in the middle of several books, which doesn't include a book or two that I have on my phone but not synced to my iPad. It's out of control.

So now when I get to a boring part of a book I switch over to another one, then that one gets boring and I switch again. So right now I'm reading a book about Martians attacking earth in the late 1800s while a kid, with a pet dragon type sentient being, runs around on a very wet planet all the while a secret society of bureaucrats keeps the creatures from other dimensions from slipping into own own. It's quite a confusing book.

So, yes, I have BADD, which I think should be in the next version the DSM.

Spread the word! People need to know of the affliction.


Anne said...

Hm. I am perfectly happy with the BN rewards program. I realize there is a cost associated, but that earns itself back just in my Christmas shopping. I mostly order online, though.

I generally read two books at a time. One I carry around in my bag and one I leave at home. But I do have three others that are stalled out right now.

Mike Sullivan said...

You suck.

Unfocused Me said...

The Kindle app syncs across platforms; last time I looked, the B&N app did not, and the page numbers aren't consistent cross-platform, either, leaving you with no easy way to figure out your place if you switch from reading a book on your iPad to your phone. I don't think Stanza syncs across platforms, either, although there may be a work around. Does iBook?

Mike said...

Anne: Maybe I'm being a little hard on B&N. I don't like that you have to pay, but they also irritated me a few times. I still go there though.

Mike: That's not very nice!

Unfocused: I thought I saw there is a way to sync Stanza through itunes. But i think it's only the books themselves and not where you left of reading.