Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite new product: The Tool Band-It.

Have you ever wondered, "You know, it would be nice if I could clamp the hammer and nails to my arm somehow?" Or do you just not like the convenience of a tool belt and would rather carry your tools on your arm. Or, maybe you just want to be some kind of extra manly version of Wonder Woman. Well, then the Tool Band-it Magnetic Arm Band is for you!

See how easy it is too reach the mass of nails stuck to your arm? No, don't worry about the points sticking out all-over-the-place. I'm sure that won't be a problem at all. Well, as long as you don't sneeze into your arm, or one of your kids comes running up to you to give you a hug. It's nice to know it works under cars, just don't get your arm stuck under there!

You know, I bet this would be great for a cat burglar. You can hold your lock-picking kit, your flashlight and metal case of baby powder for the lasers all on your arm. Great!

I want it so I can stick my car keys on it. I'm always losing those. Is there a key band-it available?

Order today and get a free head lamp. I guess that's useful.

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