Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend Assignment #272: Here Comes Summer

It's kind of ironic that Karen picked this topic this week since I missed last week's assignment since I was gone on vacation. But, I'm back, I'm here to participate. This week Karen wants to know our plans for the summer.

Weekend Assignment #272: What are your plans for the summer months? Do things get busier for you this time of year, or slow down? Do you go on vacation, or stick close to home?

Well, as you can see from my last few posts, we've already taken our summer trip. We went to Walt Disney World to see the parks and sweat as much as possible. It was a good time! That is not the norm, however. This year was our first big vacation since we had kids. (Our son is seven by the way). Jenn and I have done little weekend trips on occasion, but this was the first time we went all out on a family vacation. And, based on the cost, it's a good thing we waited this long. I need to find a place that gives the best price for plasma donations, any recommendations?

Work definitely gets busier during the summer. I work more days, more hours, worse shift changing; everything about summer kind of sucks at work. At least I get all that free time in winter to make up for it! It's fun to sit in the house by myself while the kids are in school and it's snowing outside. But, I digress.

I try to take the kids to my dad's place on my days off during the summer. He and my step mom have a house on a lake, so it's nice to go there to cool off. Not that I'm a big fan of going in lake water, but the kids get to play in the sand, fish, go on boat rides, and fun stuff like that. Plus, it's nice to just sit out there sometimes. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we'd go to a lake in Michigan where my grandparents had some cabins. That was a lot of fun.

Extra Credit: Do you do much summer TV viewing? Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to watching?

Usually I watch Psych and Monk, but they decided to push those to August. What the hell is that about? I will watch Burn Notice and The Closer with Jenn sometimes, but I want Psych back. Now. We do also watch Wipeout, for the kids you know, and we are watching the episodes of Mentalist that we missed during the year. Oh, I watch the first part of Impact on ABC this weekend. It was so bad, but great at the same time. I plan on watching the exciting conclusion as well. I need to set the TiVo for that.

That's all I have. What about you? Yeah, you. What are you doing this summer?

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Florinda said...

I'm glad my job doesn't get busier in the summer, but that's mainly because I don't work for an organization that has a fiscal year-end on June 30. That totally ruins summer if you work in accounting.

This will be Monk's last season, you know. I'm so glad Burn Notice is back!