Monday, June 1, 2009

Some thoughts on "UP"

Don't worry, I'll be spoiler free. Not that there really is a whole lot to give away, the trailers sum it up pretty well. 

Let me start by saying I haven't seen a Pixar movie I don't like, though I haven't seen A Bug's Life but that is my kid's fault. They don't want to see it and I can't rent it on my own without looking weird. 

I was even excited to see what the short was going to be. It was called Partly Cloudy and was a nice take on some classic cartoons. I won't say what, so I don't give anything away, but it reminded me of some old school animated shorts. I think you'll know what I'm talking about after you see it. 

The movie itself was great. Smart, sad, funny, it hit all the perfect notes. Ed Asner was great as the curmudgeonly old man who wanted to go on the adventure he always dreamed of, but only did it because he was being forced to. He ends up dragging along a boy named Russell. They have a great adventure in South America, and both learn something, of course. There is danger, adventure, dogs that talk, everything you'd expect to find in South America! 

Okay, I suck at this. I can't tell you things I liked about the movie with out giving things away. Ugh. Just go see it, trust me it's good. Pixar knows how to put a movie together that appeals to adults and kids with out getting all slpastick-y and throwing random references together to get a cheap laugh. (I'm looking at you DreamWorks). Also, it's not about the cast that they out together, it's about the final product. About the story that is being told. That's why there movies work. 

Is it my favorite Pixar movie? No, that is still The Incredibles. But still, it's better than a ton of other movies out there. 

Update: Turns out Quincy has some thoughts on the movie too. Kinda. 


Florinda said...

I'm pretty sure we're seeing UP this weekend - really looking forward to it. It's nice that Pixar continues its streak of getting it right.

My favorite Pixar movie is still Cars, though.

Thanks for the review! (Gypsy left a response to Quincy's over there.)

Mike said...

Florinda: Let me know what you think. I think you'll like it.

I liked Cars too, I just liked the superhero stuff in The Incredibles a little better. :)

Unfocused Me said...

I offered to take my kids to see it this weekend, but they weather was so nice that they refused, which has to be a first. Maybe next weekend.

dc said...

Hey there! Just swinging by to comment. I haven't been online much in a while. I haven't even turned my laptop on in about 3 weeks! Just been keeping busy with all kinds of stuff. Anyways, you'll see me around from time to time when I decided to roam the

I totally want to see this movie. It looks really cute but, I probably won't see it until it's out on DVD because I hate going to movie theatres. But when this comes out on DVD it'll immediately go on the Netflix queue! lol

Anyways, hope all is well with the family and of course Quincy!

Mike said...

Unfocused: We went on Saturday when it was still kind of lousy. When we came out of the theater it was really nice, though. I think your kids will enjoy it.

DC: Hey! How are you doing. Miss seeing you around here. The movie is well worth the rental when it cones out. Hope all is well with you too. Don't work too hard! :)