Friday, February 26, 2010

The 40s

No, not the decade...well, I guess in a way that is what I mean. See, today I am officially "in my 40s." Yes, I'm 41 now. The problem is that it was much faster to get to 41 than 39. That can't be a good sign. Next thing I know I'll be posting that I hit 50. Maybe I will, there probably won't be blogs anymore. I'll just post my thoughts in your head, but only if you sign up for it and agree to the share your thoughts with me. Unless it's issued as a "beta" and we accidentally get to share thoughts with everybody for a short period until you get the option to opt out. (Huh?)

See, I'm already losing my my mind. Actually, I don't care too much about turning 41, though I am mildly disturbed by the commercials I've been hearing lately where some guy drops dead at 42 because he didn't get his heart checked. I know they want to scare us into doing it, but can they pick someone a little older? You know, to make me feel better.

So yes, I'm getting older. You should probably get off my lawn and turn down that loud music.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to send in an application to 60 minutes. Someone needs to replace Andy Rooney.


Cookie said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!

You're not getting older, you're getting better.

Remember this kind comment next year when I turn 41. ;^)


Florinda said...

Happy birthday! And you're nowhere close to as old as Andy Rooney :-). (And I'm still older than you, so pipe down, whippersnapper!)

Mike said...

Cookie: Thanks! I'll try to remember. :)

Florinda: Thanks! I think I'm only half an Andy Rooney. :)