Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend Assignment #306: Famous Author

Carly is running the weekend assignment this week, and she wants us to pretend we are famous authors. Interesting.

So, the deal is it has to be something we don't normally read, or aren't known for. Since I'm not known for anything, I decided to have a little fun. I hope that is okay.

Weekend Assignment #306: You're A Famous Author, Whats The Name Of Your Book?

My book is a young adult romantic fantasy novel. I named it "We'll Meet Under the New Moon at Harry Potter's House." I figure this might draw some attention on the shelves at the bookstore. Not a bad idea, am I right.

Extra Credit: Write the opening paragraph of your best-seller!

Here is a taste:

Katie wanted Harry Potter bad. Really bad. It was like that time when she saw the
commercial for the new Porsche and wanted it but couldn't have it. But even worse. Much worse.

Even though she never talked to him, she new she loved him. Maybe it was the cute scar on
his head, or the fact that he turned Evil Sheila into a newt. She wasn't sure, but whatever
it was, she loved him for it. Sure, it could be a spell he cast on her, but that didn't matter.
What mattered was she loved him and she couldn't have him. In other words, she was sad.

Also, she thought her life seemed a little like that Romeo and Juliet thing she had to read
for Mrs. Johnson's class. Ick. She hated that class. And Mrs. Johnson. She hated them both.
Also, her parents, she didn't like them much either. They always made her do stuff. Ugh, stuff!

Riveting, no? Makes you want to go out and buy it, doesn't it?

(I apologize to all the women out there. I'm not making fun of teenage girls. Really.)


Florinda said...

Be careful what you say about teenage girls - in a few years, your daughter will be one :-).

I'd read your imaginary book!

Carly said...

Hiya Mike :)

Well, goodness, this is as fine a work of fiction as I have ever read! Who would have figured you for romantic fiction!!!! LOL. Well done! Applause, applause. So, when you get it published, can I preorder an autographed copy? Tee Hee! By the way, I LOVED that you had fun with the assignment!

Take Care Nice Man! :)


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ah, the tyranny of icky stuff! Your heroine is like, so deep, you know?

Dreamybee said...

I like the part about Evil Sheila. :)

Mike said...

Florinda: Don't remind me. :) Thanks.

Carly: Sure, I'll send one out as soon as it's written. :)

Karen: Isn't she? :)

dreamybee: Yeah, that was a little nod to Monty Python's Holy Grail. It was the first thing that popped into my head.