Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Assignment #304: De-stressing

Okay, I'm not sure what number assignment this should be, but I think it is 304. I'm going with that.

Anyway, Karen wants to know how we relieve stress.

Weekend Assignment #303: How do you de-stress when you're feeling frazzled?

Short answer; I don't. I suck at getting rid of stress. Really. Just ask Jenn. I bottle everything up then get all pissy about stupid stuff. Don't I sound like a fun person to live with?

I do somethings that help once in a while. I will play video games to try and feel better, but if I have trouble in the game I get irritated again. How does that help?

I will listen to music, and that will actually work. It's hard to be irritated when you are listening to a song you really like.

I do remember one time when the kids were very young and I was off of work for the day while Jenn was at work. I don't remember the specifics, but I know it was not a good day. The kids were probably cranky, the dog was probably getting into things, just a plain bad day. I remember talking to Jenn at one point during the day and letting her know I was having a bad day in the oh so subtle way that I do that. When she came home she told me to go out. She basically made me leave the house and go to the bookstore to chill out. It worked. I don't remember if I bought anything, but I felt better when I came home.

Don't let me get started on work stress. We have a lot of stuff going on there right now and none of it is good. It doesn't help that the office loves gossip, especially when it is some kind of negative gossip.

Extra Credit: The Weekend Assignment may soon have a co-host. That okay with everyone?

Fine by me. As long as we keep the a non-graded assignment.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hey, if these were graded, you'd always get an A+! But somehow I can't imagine you being crabby. Is that a failure of imagination on my part? Or is it simeply because your online persona is go good-natured, self-deprecating and amusing? Hmm. Probably both!

Florinda said...

A trip to the bookstore is always a good stress reliever for me...unless I buy too many books there. Then I'll stress about the money :-).

Music tends to help a lot of us unwind, though.