Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What is fun on April Fool's Day?

I was thinking about April Fool's Day, remembering how I was always watching for something to happen in school, and I wondered if there is, or should be, an age limit on April Fool's Day pranks. The funny thing is, when I went into Gmail I noticed this. That page will probably be gone by tomorrow since it is obviously a joke. Just seeing that page made me change my mind a bit. There can be some fun things on the web on April Fool's Day. Google does something every year, I think, and they are usually fun. And, while not positive, I'm pretty sure that this that I found from Whatever is not real either.

So, here is my thought of the day. Fun web jokes that you have to figure out if they are real or not are OK for any age. Stupid pranks, loosening salt shaker tops, tacks on chairs, putting sugar in a salt shaker, etc should be stopped in high school. You can maybe get away with it in college if you are drunk, but be prepared to wake up covered in shaving cream or with your door nailed closed. On final exam day.

Anyone else have any good rules? Any other good April Fool's Day web findings?


Mary Robinette Kowal said...

My April Fool's Day rules are as follows:

1. Can't frighten someone.
2. Can't falsely raise someone's hopes.
3. Can't hurt.
4. Can't leave them believing it at the end.

Mike said...

Mary: I like your rules. I think people don't pay attention to numbers 1 & 2 enough. Thanks for stopping by!

Florinda said...

Did you see these on Lifehacker yesterday? I sent them to both my husband and my son, who both thought they were great.

Mike said...

Florinda: No, I didn't see that. Thanks. I bookmarked it for next year. :)