Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No, No, NaNo, NaNo, No!

I couldn't come up with a better title than that. This isn't really an update since I haven't done any NaNoWriMo updates through the course of the month. One would think that my absence from here would mean that I have succeeded in accomplishing the 50,000 word goal. One would be wrong. Now I'm going to go on and list all the people I want to blame for my failure. Okay?


You really didn't think I was going to lay blame on anyone else did you? I'm not saying I didn't try, or that I gave up, I just don't think I had the resolve to get it done in the one month time frame. I had more things to do than I thought I would this month. Not to mention, the midnights I had to do in the beginning, me getting sick, and the kids getting sick.

I'm a total waste of space when I work midnights, just ask Jenn. I thought I could get some stuff done in my waking hours, but I couldn't get myself to do that. I'm sure Jabba the Hut would call me a weak minded fool.

I did pound out some words when Jenn was out of town in the middle of the month. Although, by the end of that week I was pretty tired of being on duty all the time and took a break one day. I did get to do one day of writing sprints with Mr. Unfocused when he was on a business trip. See, that man has the willpower and dedication that I don't. And, he won by writing over 50,000 words. Go congratulate him. Tell him I said so.

So how far did I get? (I just realized I should have told you Mr. Unfocused's numbers after mine so I don't look so weak.) I got up to over 17,000. But, you know what, I'm not too mad at myself. I'm sure if I tried a little harder I could have made it halfway to the milestone, but still, that is 17,000 more than I had before, right?

I think I'll keep going with it though. Why not finish what I started, right? There is always next year!

This April is Script Frenzy month. Who wants to do it with me?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go for a run. I have a Santa 5K to run this weekend and I haven't done a whole lot since my race last month. I'm not sure if my legs remember what to do.


Florinda said...

Well, you may not have made it to 50K, but you do officially have a Work in Progress now! But it sounds like this was not great timing for you to be writing a novel - too much else going on. Maybe the script thing will work out better.

But now you might have more time to blog :-).

Mike said...

Florinda: That is true. I wonder how long it will be "in process?" :) We'll have to see.