Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ready for the Storm!

Ready for the Storm
Originally uploaded by Mike F.
It's the "Storm of the Century!" Well, at least the storm of the winter. So far, that is. Really, the way they talk on the radio and TV you'd think we lived in south Florida or something. Yes, it's going to snow. Yes, we might get a good amount. Yes, people are going to drive like morons. It happens every year. I did go out and buy some powdered eggs today. You know, just in case...

At least the Target parking lot is ready for action. Look at that purple and green stuff. I have no idea why the ice melting stuff is that color, I've only seen the white salt that is behind it. The purple stuff kind of looks like a snow cone. A little? No?

Anyway, we are going to get some snow tonight and into tomorrow. We could get 3 to 8 inches. We'll see where we end up in that range. Now, If you'll excuse me, I believe some freeze-dried food is calling my name.


Cookie said...

Powdered eggs?

Mike said...

Cookie: I couldn't think of any other kind of 'bomb shelter' food. I totally blanked out. :)