Monday, December 21, 2009

Where we stand right now

Unfortunately we aren't standing on a new wood floor. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? You obviously don't know me and my luck too well.

It started off okay, Jenn called to tell me they'd probably need more moulding. No problem, I thought. That was an easy one.

Then Jenn called shortly after that. Turns out our floor isn't too level. I think if you poured enough water to cover the entire floor to a one-foot depth, a person standing in the living room would be under water. Now, this isn't something you notice when you have carpet on the floor, but when you have a floating floor installed the floor needs to be flat. Unless, if course, you want all of the wood pieces to pile up at one end of the room over time.

So they needed to pour some cement in some areas and sand it down in another. Ah, the joys of living on a slab.

The cement is now drying, the dogs are spending the night at a boarding place and we are hoping it dries fast enought to be installed on Saturday. What? You thought it would be done by Christmas? Ha! You crack me up.

Should we start a pool now on when it will be done? Oh, I should mention that he's coming tomorrow to see how the floor is drying. If it's coming along he will be able to do it Saturday. If not, Monday.

Think dry thoughts.

While I'm glad I have an iPhone to post this, I wish everything was done so I can get my computer back. I don't know if I can wait until Saturday. I don't even want to think about Monday.

I'm done complaining now. Go have fun!


Cookie said...


Oh dude!

I hope it's done quickly, but I'm taking mid-February in the pool. ;^)

Unfocused Me said...

That totally messes up the skating rink idea.

Mike said...

Cookie: Thanks, I think. :)

unfocused: Not really, now it will be more smooth. :)