Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't mess with my Clapper!

Oh, the Clapper. The most famous of cheesy gifts ever. They have have been ramping up the ads for The Clapper since Christmas is coming. You know, it is the perfect gift for the old and truly lazy. Call now!

Here's my problem, the now have a Clapper Plus that comes with a remote. It's like they have brought it into the 20th century now. (Yes, I know it is the 21st century, that's the joke.) It's just another part of my childhood being wrenched away from me! Sure, you can still clap to make it work, but now you have the option of being even more lazy and not expend the energy it takes to clap. That is not the Clapper we all truly love. Who doesn't find the part of the commercial with the old lady clapping and rolling over in bed a classic bit of TV advertising? We all do. Now the old lady can just push about and roll over. That's not exciting. Besides, what happens when the batteries die on the remote. Now she's going to need to call her grandson over to change them. How is that any easier?

I say we all boycott the new Clapper and just buy the old version. Who's with me? Otherwise more classic bits of crap gifts are going to change. I hear the Chia Pet people are coming up with a version that has a fake plant in it. Can you just imagine that?!


Florinda said...

The Clapper with a REMOTE? What's the world coming to? And seriously, WHY? (For the record, I've only seen slightly-updated commercials for the Classic Clapper out here.)

Now that TV has gone into the holiday doldrums, we're watching Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune after dinner again (yes, we are 65, why do you ask?). When they're not showing commercials for prescription medications, lately the commercials are for the Clapper, the Chia Pet, and the Snuggie. Merry Christmas!

Mike said...

Florinda: I totally wanted to get the Obama Chia Head for the in-laws, unfortunately we never got around to it.

Merry Christmas to you!