Friday, May 7, 2010

Is it really the best cinnamon bread?

The other day we all went to check out the new Whole Foods store that opened up near us. Ah, the exciting life we lead. Actually, we kind of used it to get our daughter to forget that she had to go to the doctor for a check-up. I don't think I can count how many times we were asked if she had to get a shot, but it had to be approaching infinity. (Yes, she had to get one. It wasn't pretty.)

Anyway, we went since it was the first day and we knew there would be a lot of samples. Hey, that place is expensive, don't judge. I don't think I tried out many samples myself, but the kids liked a pasta that we bought there. It was four dollars for the bag, but it is whole wheat and has flax in it. You can't put a price on that. Well, I guess you can, it's four dollars.

Anyway, I know I've mentioned how I like cinnamon bread with peanut butter on it for breakfast, right? Well, they had a cinnamon bread there that was labeled "The Best Cinnamon Bread," so you know I had to buy it. As we checked out, I wondered how we spent over 80 bucks on 17 things. It averaged out to over 5 bucks a product, a little on the steep side, don't you think? Well, one thing was the cinnamon bread. While I made sure to check out the freshness date, I failed to see the price tag. Look, I don't care if this is the best cinnamon bread every touched by human hands, but 8 bucks is quite steep. Is it just me? Hey, using my master research techniques, I found you can order it right from the bakery. Go ahead, it is good, it just isn't cheap. Maybe you can split the cost with some friends. Or choose to skip lunch for the week. Just send me a slice, okay?

You know, I went through this post and not one time did I spell cinnamon correctly on the first try. I hate that word.


Janet Tait said...

This is the Greenlees Best Cinnamon Bread from Whole Foods, right? I saw it in my Whole Foods and bought it a few weeks ago. Not sure if it is the best in the world, but it sure is good. But at $8 a loaf, it makes me pause before buying it. I'll have to try it with peanut butter.

Mike said...

Janet: Yes, that is it. Oh yes, it is definitely good, just way too expensive. To be honest, I didn't try this particular kind with peanut butter, but on most cinnamon bread it is good.

Thanks for stopping by!