Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some old 70s newspaper ads

This past weekend the family came over to celebrate our daughter's 6th birthday. It was a good time, thanks for asking. Anyway, my dad brought over part of an old newspaper that had a picture of my sister playing volleyball in it. She was the star of the team and I believe they won the state championship. It was a big deal. Well, lucky for me, and you, my sister left it here by accident, so I scanned in some ads from the newspaper. Ready?

The first ad comes from Wieboldt's department store. They were a Chicago area only store, but they were similar to Sears, if I remember correctly. So, check out the dude in the flannel.

It's funny to see these as drawings, a money saving technique I'm sure. Check out the guy's mustache. This guy is straight out of the Village People. Seriously though, what kind of guy who is buying a flannel shirt is interesting in "fancy patterns?" We aren't going to talk about the pants, okay? Also, 5 bucks for a flannel shirt? I'll take five, and I don't even wear flannel.

Now, how about those lovely women? I'll admit, I had to look up what a peignoir was. Yes, I know the ladies in the picture are wearing them, but I didn't know if it was the whole outfit, or what. Turns out it is just the awesome flowing robes they are wearing. I remember the people on my mom's soaps wearing these all the time.

Do you notice anything missing on this page? All the sizes stop at large. I guess the obesity problem didn't start until after the 70s? Although, I did notice the little girl's dresses go up to 6X. Maybe that was the beginning?

How about this ad from Litton for their microwaves. This being 1976, these microwaves were huge and probably only saved you about 6 minutes over the time it would take you to cook it in the oven. All while only costing you 3 times the amount of energy. But, hey, you were saving time for your wife.

Yes, I said wife. These were not for men to use. Men didn't cook in the 70s. No sir, that was women's work. Also, what are they trying to say with their tag line? Are they insinuating that you had a mistress? What's with the snowflake in front of the word Her? Are they trying to say this will warm the soul of your cold, heartless wife? Odd.

It's nice to see the letter prefix in the phone number on the bottom. Or the fact that you only needed to dial five numbers to get the store on the phone. Think of the time you'd save all day if you could dial five less numbers every time you called someone. Of course, that's assuming you don't have all the numbers programmed in your phone.

I have one more ad, but I'll save that one. I might also look for more at my mom's house. Aren't you glad I have a scanner now?


Cookie said...

Dude, that is totally Tom Selleck in that flannel shirt.

Florinda said...

I kind of miss those illustrated ads - they were one reason I considered a career in commercial art (and why Tall Paul has actually pursued one, although his has morphed into more graphic design and less illustration now).

I had thought those two-letter exchange codes in phone numbers were going away by the mid-70s, but I guess not everywhere.

And Cookie's right - that IS Tom Selleck. When he was in the Village People. :-D

Word verification on this comment: "Thondor." Sounds like a mythological figure (or a D&D character).

Mike said...

Cookie: Maybe it's Tom's wimpier little brother, Timmy. It's certainly not Tom. :)

Florinda: I'm going to go out on a limb and say both you and Tall Paul would create better images than are seen here. :)

I thought the same thing about the phone numbers. I guess there were a few hanging around then.

Thondor is Thor's cousin, I believe. :)

Mike Sullivan said...

Damn, someone beat me to the Tom Selleck comment.

Mike said...

Mike: I'm starting to think he looks like the first generation Brawny man.