Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend Assignment #317: Let's do lunch

This week Karen wants to know how we meet up with friends in person.

Weekend Assignment #317: Merry Meetings
People used to socialize with each other on street corners, at cocktail parties, at club meetings, and in a later era, at shopping malls. These days, however, we seem to do most of our socializing online. Where do you go most often for face time with friends and acquaintances?

Unlike the title suggests, I almost never meet people for lunch. For one, I don't get a lunch break like most people do. Also, I work a lot of weekends, so my friends that work a normal week are not available for lunch the same time I am. However, there have been times when I've met Jenn and a friend or two for lunch on one of my days off.

Actually, the place where we meet up with our friends most is at someone's house. We all have kids, so we don't get to go out to the bars very often. At least not like we used to. Sure, there are times when one of us have gone out to meet a friend or two while the other stays home with the kids, but that isn't all that often either. Again, see my work schedule above.

This is one thing Jenn and I try to work on. We really want to get out with our friends more often.

Extra Credit: Do you ever hang out with co-workers after hours?

No, I don't go out with co-workers very often. Usually I need to go get the kids at school if I'm working the early shift. If I'm working the later shift, I need to go home to go to bed so I can get up early to get the kids to school. Maybe when the kids are older this will change. Of course I'll be older and need my beauty sleep, so I don't know.

Now, go to the Weekend Assignment site and see what others had to say. They probably aren't as boring as I am.


Florinda said...

Your work schedule would definitely complicate a social life even if you didn't have kids, and every parent knows what kids do to your social life.

But I can verify that sometimes you do meet people for lunch :-).

Anne said...

Um..yes. Yes, we are as boring as you are.

And that Mork costume is awesome.

Sandrine said...

Come on, what's boring about meeting up with friends at someone's house, getting all the kids together while the parents eat and drink! That's the very best form of socialising! I have wonderful memories of these kinds of gatherings when I was a child, and I think my kids are loving to.

Mike said...

Florinda:That's true. It just doesn't happen often. Only for people that come from 1500 miles away. :)

Anne: Thanks! (about the costume that is, not that I'm boring. :)

Sandrine: Oh, no. I'm not saying I don't have fun doing that. It's just not all that exciting to talk about. :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mike, you're never boring. And there seems to be a bit of a groundswell for meeting at people's houses! Wish I could do that.

Mike said...

Karen: Aw, thanks.