Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. Goodwrench was kind of a dweeb back in the day

Back to the 1976 newspaper clippings:

Here I found an ad from a Chevy dealer that is still in existence. Check out Mr. Goodwrench. He looks a little dweeby to be working on cars, doesn't he?

Don't we all expect some burly guy to come out from the back of the shop, wiping his greasy hands while explaining to you why you really need to have your transmission replaced. I used to work in a repair shop a while back, nobody there looked this wussy. Not even the female mechanic.

But, as Wikipedia explains, this was all in an effort to show they were helpful and could fix whatever was wrong with your Chevy. And, if you were as unlucky as my sister who had one of the lovely Vega you see pictured here, you really needed somebody like Mr. Goodwrench Actually, what you really needed was somebody like the Rusty Jones character who would ride on the top of the car as you drove around so he could fix your piece of junk at every stop light. By the way, was Rusty Jones a national rustproofing chain? Does anyone know the commercials I'm talking about?

Take a look at the Mr. Goodwrench site today. These are the kind of people you want working on your car, right? They look like they have the know-how to fix your newfangled, computerized car.

Like I said before, this dealer is still around, so I just want to say I'm making fun of this tag line from over 30 years ago, okay IF i remember correctly we bought a few cars from them over several years and we were happy with them. Well, except for the Vega, but that was GM's fault for building a miserable car. Anyway, who thought this made sense:

Come in and see why our friends say -- When other dealers can't Hos'kins

I understand why they are putting there name in it, and what they are trying to do I guess, but...what? Even if it did make sense, it doesn't really roll off the tongue. You know?

That's all for today. Coming soon, gauchos and a former president!

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