Monday, May 17, 2010

I used to be a star

Yes, more old pictures. Aren't you glad we bought a scanner a few months ago? Here's me, back in fifth grade as Jim McShay, host of the White Whirl of Sorts. At least I think that's what it was called. It was a long time ago you know.

How did I get this awesome gig? Was it my rugged good looks? Charisma? Nope. It was my memorization skills. Seriously. I remember my teacher saying he needed someone who could memorize a lot of dialouge so they could act as the host of the show. So, I got my big (only) acting break because of my ability to memorize a lot of words. Yeah.

Actually, I don't think he really meant it that way and I certainly didn't take it that way at the time. I don't think I have every been so nervous and excited all at the same time. Do you know what is a bad idea before a big show like this? A pot luck dinner. I really though I was going to toss up the cucumber salad in the locker room as I got dressing in my sport jacket. I was a fake sport show host, I had to wear a sport jacket.

I don't remember everything about this show (again, long time ago), but I do remember one part clearly. See, the teacher, Mr. Ford, came up with the idea to make an 'Applause' sign for the bit where we ran into technical difficulties and had to have someone come out to tell jokes. By the way, the technical difficulties bit killed. Anyway, it was going great, the silly jokes were working; then it happened. I don't remember the joke but the punchline included the word delicatessen and the other kid couldn't remember how to say it. So, instead of bringing the crowd to it's knees by flashing the 'Applause' sign, I panicked and tried to help him remember the word. Nobody in the audience knew about the sign so they didn't notice my failure, but I did. But,after a few bourbons, I got over it. (Ha, kidding. It was scotch).

Overall, the show was a lot of fun. At least as much as I can remember. Which is kind of funny since I got the part due to my memorization skills. I was also the wizard in The Wizard of Oz and got to ride bicycle built for two on around the gym during a talent show on two different shows over the course of my junior high years.

So, yes, I used to do theater stuff, but only in grade school. I had a lot of fun, but never did anything after that. Well, except when I was an extra in Lucas. But I've already talked about that.

I hope these old photos and stories aren't getting old. I've been enjoying going through this old stuff and talking about them.


Cookie said...

At least, you didn't get the part because you were the only kid who could see over the desk. ;^)

Mike said...

Cookie: Yeah, I guess that would be worse. :)