Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember when your TV was a piece of furniture?

Do you remember when your TV was a piece of furniture and the size of a freezer chest?


Please note the paneling, the little bit of the orange shag carpet you can see by the fireplace and the fact that the TV had two tuning knobs. See, back in the day kids, we got two different kids of channels; VHF and UHF. Those were exciting times, I tell you. Of course, we only got a few channels on each, but that's all we needed.

Also, notice me sitting and full six inches away from the TV. Hey, I couldn't sit closer, I didn't want to ruin my eyes. Oh, maybe this is why I have worn glasses since 5th grade. My parents were right. Damn it!

I wish I could tell what I was watching. It seems the guys are all wearing tuxedoes on whatever show it is. Was it an awards show? A talk show? A Dean Martin Celebrity Roast? I want to

I remember this TV very well. The Ca-Chunk as you turned the knob to switch through the channels, waiting for ten minutes for the picture to come on after turning it on, and trying to see how fast I could go from channel 32 to channel 44. Channel 44 had Speed Racer, I had to switch quickly to that, it was my favorite show.

I wonder if I could have hooked up a TiVo to that thing? Imagine how big that would have been!


fdtate said...

What was really great was when the furniture TV set quit working and we put the smaller, but working portable TV set on top.

I also remember when a stereo was a piece of furniture.

Anne said...

Dude. That could have been my family room. From the paneling down to the bricks and the fireplace. We even had the TV along that same wall.

Just last fall I finally bought a flat screen. From Best Buy, because they will haul away the old TV. I had my dad's 1988 big screen - bigger than the refridgerator.

Mike said...

fdtate: Oh, my friend had a stereo like that. It took up half the living room at his house. It was cool!

Anne: Actually, our big screen is a beast, too. But it fits nice in the furniture. But, it probably weighs less than this thing did.

Did you live in my house? :)