Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad luck with lunch

I've had bad luck with lunch these last three days. I think it has to do with not getting enough sleep before an early morning of work.

It started on Saturday. I woke up (a little late) and, as I was getting ready for work, I realized I had no food to bring to lunch. No bread, no frozen meals, nothing. So on Saturday I had some Lucky Charms for breakfast, a Rice Krispie treat for a snack, and a bag of popcorn for lunch. Needless to say I was starving when I went home. I made sure to stop at the store on the way to buy some supplies, but you know what happens when you go to a store when you are starving? Yeah, you buy a bunch of stuff you really don't need, but sounds very tasty. I didn't buy M&M's though! (Jenn bought some for me later, though.)

Then, on Sunday, I toasted up some cinnamon toast with peanut butter, as I was getting ready, to eat in the car. When I got to work I realized I never ate the toast. Did I mention I was tired? I figured I would eat it when I got to my desk but it wasn't in my bag. I thought I left the toast on the counter, but Jenn called me later to say she found it on the floor by the front door. It must have fallen out of my bag as I left. I'm sure Quincy was salivating over it from inside his cage near the door. I did get lucky since the manager brought donuts in to work. I didn't starve in the morning. I know you were concerned.

You would think that today, after the last two days, I would have gotten everything perfect. I have told you I'm not a morning person, right? My brain doesn't fire on all cylinders until about 9 am, and sometimes not even then; this morning was no exception. I packed some cereal for breakfast, got my frozen meal out of the freezer, put it in my bag, took out the dirty fork and closed up the bag. Do you notice what I forgot? Yeah, a new fork. It's easier to see when it is all spelled out for you, don't get cocky. It's not a major problem. It means I have to walk to the cafeteria to get one and be tempted by the chocolate cakes or other tastier food than my frozen Lean Cuisine meal. I have very little willpower. I know I have said that before.

How was your weekend? Did you eat better than I did?


dc said...

I came in tired and starving today. I was starting to fall asleep at my desk so, I gave in and made a McDonald's run. I have nothing at home to bring to lunch tomorrow and I don't want to go to the store today...I wish I had someone to grocery shop for me.

Weekend was okay. My team sucks, 0-4. The coach was fired this morning. And I fell AGAIN this weekend. My knee is bruised and swollen. I'm such a cartoon. sigh

Mike said...

DC: They lost again? At least they fired the coach, though I never understand how that helps much. At least during the season. The Bears won somehow. I was surprised and I really thought they were going to blow it in the end.

You need to stop falling down. Too much beer? :)

dc said...

Yep, another loss. Hey, at least we can't lose next's our bye.

I was completely sober when I fell. I'm such a goober I can't even master the basic concept of walking. lol

Mike said...

DC: Just tell people you were blinded by rage due to another Rams loss and you tripped over a crack in the sidewalk or something.

At least you know you can enjoy next weekend!

Florinda said...

Whenever I go to the grocery store after work, even with a list, I almost always come back with at least one stupid thing that I bought because my stomach did the thinking for me.

I didn't eat all that great this weekend either, but I think I did better than you did :-).

I actually make my lunches for the whole week ahead on Sunday so I can just toss them in my lunch bag in the morning. I'm kind of weird that way, but it helps. Did you survive your trip through the cafeteria to get that fork?

Mike said...

Florinda: I ate better than you? Wow! :)

Making lunch for the whole week is a little much for me, but it's probably a good idea.

I survived, but I bought a sandwich. It sounded better. :)

Unfocused Me said...

I feel your pain. All kinds of bad things happen if I don't eat regularly. If I don't have enough to eat in the afternoon (around 4pm or so), I make some very bad decisions about food when I get home. If I catch the 6pm train and I'm hungry, it's amazing how much junk I can shovel into my mouth in the 15 minutes or so between walking in the door at home and dinner being ready. Taking the 7pm train is better and worse -- half the passengers on the 7 are eating dinner on the train, and I have smell their food McDonald's or Corner Bakery the whole ride, but when I get in I either sit down right away and scarf down my dinner or go straight to getting the kids ready for bed and don't have time to eat junk.

Mike said...

Unfocused: oh, if I had to take the train I'd be in big trouble. I'd eat junk the whole way home, then eat dinner. It wouldn't be pretty.