Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Movie Songs

I'm probably going to do this a little differently. They are all songs, but some would probably be considered scores. I hope that is okay with everybody. So here are my ten favorite movie songs (or at least the ones I could think of).

1. I'm alright -- Kenny Loggins, Caddyshack

2. Danger Zone -- Kenny Loggins, Top Gun. Hey, he was the soundtrack king!

3. Axel F -- Beverly Hills cop. You hear those first few notes and you can imagine Eddie Murphy stuffing a banana in the tailpipe of the cop car.

4. Imperial March -- Star Wars. Very powerful

5. The whole Spinal Tap soundtrack, I can't pick just one!

6. The tones during the spaceship scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. One of my favorites.

7. You got a friend in me -- Toy Story.

8. The Graduation chant/song thing in Stripes. That's the fact Jack! (I may be stretching it a bit there.)

9. Star Wars Theme -- From Ferris Bueller's Day off. I'm pretty sure that is the scene when the parking garage guys take the Ferrari for a spin.

10. Twist and Shout -- Ferris again. Great scene. Looks like fun.

What are your favorites?


dc said...

Team America World Police - America, F*ck Yeah. It's just so patriotic! :P

Mike said...

DC: I've never seem that movie. I think the puppets are creepy. I don't know why.

dc said...

The puppets are definitely creepy, but it does have one of the most hilarious love making scenes. lol

Mike said...

DC : I've heard that. Maybe I'll watch it just for that. :)

Valtool said...

We can do that, we don't even have to have a reason, so let's do the same thing except with the gophers."

Florinda said...

Kenny Loggins was the '80's soundtrack king, so where's "Footloose" :-D?

Great list! I like that you included some instrumental stuff too.

Mike said...

Valstool: this is my friend Wang. No offense!

Florinda: Yeah, I couldn't do three loggins songs. I picked the best two. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

I just saw "Stripes" last week!

I played too :)

Mike said...

Teena: I haven't seen it in a while. I need to rent it, or buy it.